Target & personalize every 1-to-1 incentive 

Create new Journey Experience & better Convert thanks to AI-Promotion Automation and Customer Generosity 

They trust CibleR 

Key Performance Indicators

Increase Sales 


Boost Discount ROI 

Optimize Conversion Rate


Reduce Sales Intensity into Customer Journey



How to tripple Incentives campaign ROI  

Improve your Audience knowledge

Collect real-time data to understand intentions and predict future buyers 

Display most relevant Offers to every consumer

Automate best offers to trigger next audience action up to new sales

Enjoy growth

Boost Sales & Profitability thanks to predictive marketing 

 Why Marketing teams & CibleR work together ? 

Available for most CMS 

With a simple Tag GTM or Tag Co, or plugin (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.) the plateform can handle turnkey solution for Discount management and deliver detailed analytics and recommandations. All in less than 48 hours  

Predictive buyers intelligence 


From cold and hot data, CibleR AI predicts your futur buyers and theyr potential addittionnal value in real time. With CibleR AI, every 1$ dollard is targeted to the most profitable visitors.

Promotion Engine & Automation 

Based on Campaign management, CibleR Promotion is able to translate daily budget into the best promotions distribution. This innovative mtehod replicate Google Ads budget management applied to Promotion Channel. There is no longer any pain to create thousands of vouchers

Track every new sales 


Follow and track every sales generated by CibleR campagins thanks to a complete SaaS : additional sales, promotions cost optimization, ROI.

CibleR is an platform for conversion optimization. I like working with CibleR plateform, they are listening our needs and technology is adaptive, that is necessary for a worldwide company working with dozens of countries. 

Laura Sayag - E-commerce Coordinator - L'Occitane Provence

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